Led Strip
5730 BAR LED
Single Chip Indoor Strip Led – 2835
Single Chip Outdoor Led Strip – 2835
Three Chip Indoor Led Strip – 5050
Three Chip Outdoor Led Strip – 5050
Indoor Led Strip – 5630
24V Indoor Led Strip Lights – 5050
Three Chip Interiors Brown PCB Strip Leds – 5050
24V Outdoor Led Strip Lights – 5050
Single Chip Indoor 120 Led Strip Leds – 2835
Magic RGB – 5050

We have 2 different products as one chip and three chips among our range of indoor or outdoor strip leds. In addition, the RGB color stripe LED, which consists of red, blue and green color, is suitable for use in 2 different rooms.

All products in our stocks are our own production or import under NOAS brand. Our products are guaranteed under NOAS brand for 2 years, have international CE certificate and RoHS certificate.

The products vary according to their model and characteristics. By selecting the product model you need, you can get detailed information about the product, the marks it has and other technical information.

Strip Led Types

Please note that you can choose different models when choosing products. Rod bar leds, neon hose leds and hose leds are our different led product options. You can get detailed information about these products and use our services on 0212 244 84 23, send an e-mail to info@noas.com.tr or use our contact form.

Please contact us for special product price, wholesale and dealership. Thank you.