Surface Mounted LED Panel Luminaires

18W Recessed Square LED Panel
24W Recessed Square LED Panel
18W Surface Mounted Square LED Panel with 6500K White and 3200K Daylight color options at
18W Top Of Plaster Square LED Panel
24W Surface Mounted Square LED Panel with 6500K White and 3200K Daylight color options at
24W Top Of Plaster Square LED Panel

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LED Panel Prices

Products that allow the light obtained with the help of LED modules to be illuminated homogeneously by placing them in a case are called LED panels. It is positioned right in front of the light and provides its homogeneous distribution with the help of the array.

Replacing existing lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, with LED panels saves energy. Also, this method is an easy and fast way. In addition to saving energy, savings can be achieved in maintenance and repair costs.

LED panels are generally manufactured to fit 600 × 600 mm, 1200 × 600 mm and 1200 × 300 mm ceiling grids. In addition, LED panel luminaires can have a case depth of up to 8 cm. For these reasons, these issues should be considered when ordering the LED panel. You can consult our Noas LED company for your best choices. With the support of our expert staff, you can order an error-free LED panel as you wish. You can also find the ideal LED panel prices .

Quality LED Panel

40% of the light is lost in fluorescent fixtures. However, directional light is used in LED panel fixtures. In this case, it means more light with less power. Most of the LED panel manufacturers use old technologies to produce cheap panels. If you want to save both energy and cost while you use the LED panel, we welcome you to our Noas LED company. Because as Noas LED, we design our products using both quality materials and the latest technology, as in all our products.

LED panels are generally used in building or apartment entrances. It can be used in corridors as well as in bathrooms and kitchens in the home environment. It is especially used for photography and video shooting that requires white light. When using quality LED panel in the right place, both economical and high-quality lighting can be provided.

Affordable LED Panel

Different fixture types are available for recessed, surface-mounted and clip-in ceilings. Price varies according to the ceiling type. In addition, the dimensions of the LED panel purchased affect the price amount.

When choosing LED panels, attention should be paid to the size of the space and the lighting area and calculations should be made with average figures. Attention should be paid to the parts that require illumination and the numbers should be determined. Along with these calculations, the quality of the products is also important. In this regard, you can find affordable LED panels in our Noas LED company.