Recessed Round Slim LED Luminaires

3 W Sıvı Altı Slim Yuvarlak Panel
3w Recessed Round Ceiling Lights
6W Sıva Altı Yuvarlak Slim LED Panel
6W Recessed Round Ceiling Lights
9W Sıva Altı Yuvarlak Slim LED Panel
9W Recessed Round Ceiling Lights
12W Sıva Altı Yuvarlak Slim LED Panel
12W Recessed Round Ceiling Ligthts
15W Sıva Altı Yuvarlak Slim LED Panel
15W Recessed Round Ceiling Lights
18W Sıva Altı Yuvarlak Slim LED Panel
18W Recessed Round Ceiling Lights

Slim Led panel armatures are available in 3 different options as round, square and rectangular. These options are divided into two under plaster and over plaster.

It is usually 60 × 60 miles used in the market. For this best selling product, you can check it by clicking on the 60 × 60 led panel link.

Mounting casings are our own production. Our products are guaranteed under NOAS brand for 2 years, have international CE certificate and RoHS certificate.

You can find many kinds of options geared towards your needs. You can get detailed information about the product by entering any model you want in the titles, you can access all the features and all technical information easily.

Led Panel Prices

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