LED Battens Luminaires

20W-60cm Yatay LED Bant Armatür IP20
20w-60cm Horizontal LED Battens Luminaires IP20
40W – 120cm Yatay LED Bant Armatür IP20
40W – 120cm Horizontal LED Battens Luminaires IP20
54W-120cm Yatay LED Bant Armatür IP20
54W-120cm Horizontal LED Battens Luminaires IP20
72W-120m Yatay LED Bant Armatür IP20
72W-120cm Horizontal LED Battens Luminaires IP20
20W-60cm Yatay LED Bant Armatür IP65
20W-60cm Horizontal LED Battens Luminaires IP65
36W-120cm LED Bant Armatür IP65
36W-120cm LED Battens Lighting IP65

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Led Batten Lighting Prices

LED tape luminaires made by using LED technology are generally preferred lighting products for institutional buildings such as school corridors, hospitals and police stations. These luminaires, which are narrow in width and long in length, emit a lot of light and illuminate the environment intensely. Even if it uses less energy than normal lighting, it provides savings by providing the same amount of illumination. If you are not sure where to get quality led tape fixture prices , the company that offers the best service in this regard is NoasLed. NoasLed, one of the most reliable companies in the LED lighting market, is a company that gives confidence to its customers with its advanced technology and superior quality.

Quality Led Batten Fixture

Led Batten luminaires have different wattage settings and their sizes vary according to the amount of length. It is a very good lighting type in terms of energy saving and they maintain their durability for a long time.

Led tape types are divided into 4;

18w 60cm Led Batten Fixture

18w 60cm Led Tape Fixtures
36w 120cm Led Batten Fixture
36w 120cm Led Batten Fixture

Rather than the quality of LED tape luminaires, it is the important savings. Since the power of this fixture system is quite high, there will be a chance to save more. Generally speaking, luminaires save 80%. Led tape luminaires, one of the most commonly used lighting products, are known as 36 watt products. You can find the most quality led tape fixture models in our company and you can get unlimited expert support.

Affordable Led Fixture

The quality of NoasLed’s affordable led tape fixture products is undeniably known. Led tape fixtures are with you in NoasLed, the leading company in its sector, which should be preferred as in led products. NoasLed is the most reliable address for LED band armatures products, which are quality and the most favorable payment option. These lighting products, which are designed with the combination of both affordable and quality materials in the market, give the customer much confidence. For this reason, the most preferred service in every aspect is undoubtedly through NoasLed.